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My name is Michael Aspiotis, 

 I grew up in a shady enclave in Arlington, Virginia called Country Club Hills. The privilege of my upbringing was paired with a heaping serving of expectations. My parents and it seemed like everyone around me was pushing me towards a good job with a steady paycheck, the goal and definition of success was money. I liked the money part, and did my best to fit by getting a sales job after graduating college. I was an oddly shaped peg though, and despite 5 months of trying, I couldn’t quite fit into the corporate mold. My true calling was to be an artist, but I didn’t believe that was a path which would satisfy my desire for wealth. The only people I could think of at the time who were rich and creative were actors or musicians. So, I set off for Los Angeles to make my fortune as either a movie or rock and roll star.

As crazy as this plan seemed, I had no choice, I had tried the “practical” approach, now it was time to follow my heart. Thus began my journey of self discovery and healing which I chronicle in my upcoming memoir.